I'm betting it doesn't even exist.

I'm really glad you called me.

Now you've mentioned it, I remember coming here with my parents when I was a child.

Stephen is still too young to understand that.

They made Subra tell them everything.

Pedro was cheering.

Because the Church taught that the Earth was at the center of the universe, Copernicus' theory was regarded as heresy.

Something is wrong with the engine of my car.

My summer vacation is at an end.

I decided to go abroad to study.


He works for an advertising agency.

This coffee tastes like dishwater.

Though he is young, he never wastes time.

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They're sending help.

Can we work on that now?

Staying up late is not good for the health.

Be happy!

Since he became a third year student, the only day he came to school was the day of the opening ceremony.

You can't trust rumors.

Trent isn't likely to be here on time.

Give me a hand here, will you, Pilot?

The most beloved people in the world are the spontaneous.

I hope this isn't a huge mistake.

Several studies, related to the temperature increase in the city, have already been published.

We're doing what we can.

I want to go with you.


It is not so hot today as yesterday.

Terri tried to sneak into the nightclub.

What is significant in this argument is that his theory can identify those phenomena.

A toilet is made for taking shit, not for smoking!

This could hurt our business.

Sharada was wearing a brown coat.

There's no cruise control on this car.


Are you feeling OK?


He finally got ahead of the rest of class.

Do you know of an apartment I can rent that allows pets?

Are humans like goldfish in a fishbowl?

A gifted person ought to learn English (barring spelling and pronouncing) in thirty hours, French in thirty days, and German in thirty years.

Brad lacks emotional intelligence.


What kind of deodorant do you prefer, spray or roll-on?

Who said that to you?

I love my wife.

In 1894 there were two votes of the central league. Both times the majority declined all changes. From then on, the movement grew more rapidly.

Dennis ponied up 100$.

We should be talking directly to Hector.

Konrad is quite superficial.

It would do you good.

I wasn't prepared for this surprise.

You wouldn't be able to tell.

The red lines on the map represent railways.


These two pairs of pants are made from different materials.

One organization allegedly controls the European drug market.

I wonder what he will say.

We're not as young as Sanford.

You need to persuade Takeuchi to confess.

A lot of boys ran after the rabbit.

She was angry, but she spoke with restraint.

I've got nothing to hide.

Today's your lucky day.

She kept crying all night long.

In the moutain lives a tiger which lost its roar.

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Why not go to the movies?

Jem seems jealous.

Miriam is spirited.


We waited for Jakob at the library for thirty minutes, but he never showed up.

This is my opinion, not hers.

I am a guide.

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I'm not a fan of centrism.

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Hiroyuki sat at his desk grading papers.

Harv doesn't understand the difference between a cathode and an anode.

It's fantastic.


I think we've found one.

Dale decided to give it a try.

Only four horses participated in the competition.

The man robbed the traveler of his money.

It's hard not to like you.

I hope it rains tomorrow.

What were they laughing at?


I'm really mad at you guys.

There must be a balance between chaos and law.

In English examinations, she always gets good marks, not to say straight As.

Did anybody want to see the picture from above?

I wasn't the team leader.

I know you're worried about Shutoku.

The deadline is Monday.

We anticipated where the enemy would attack.

I bared my soul to her.

She helped her friends.

Banks closed their doors.

It's hard to tell whether Tomas dyes his hair or not.

They know how hell looks like.

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Sodium reacts vigorously and exothermically with water.

You're not surprised to see me, are you?

Would you mind making an extra cup of coffee whenever you decide to have some?

The valley was aflame with red and yellow leaves.

I don't think that she looks like her mother.

Scot showed me around town.

The deal is done.

Tai reluctantly agreed to the proposal.

I don't have a job.

Try to avoid bad company.

Radek left Boston three years ago.

She shuddered to see the dead cat.

She'll go to Ireland.

He is not to be trifled with.

The Tokaido line terminates at Tokyo.

They're all corrupt.

Michiel had a dance with him at the party.


I just wanted to get away.

I can't blame them for hating us.

What a waste of time!

It is a long lane that has no turning.

The police found nothing suspicious in Dan's room.


My room is twice as big as his.

Could you keep an eye out for the postman?

But now it's too late. The train is off.


Emil always keeps his room neat.


Medication is really important.


Ronald is young, but she is not innocent.

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Meerkats live in Africa.

The only window in our hotel room opens onto a smelly alley.

Olaf will never be able to do that without our help.

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The road is wet and it's slippery.

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Today is October 11th.


Does anybody remember Sanche?

Don't make a noise in the library.

Vadim has been working all day long.

We had one chance.

What could I possibly have done to offend Piercarlo?


I'm surprised to see you smoking. You didn't used to.


Let's go to an all-you-can-eat place and have a big dinner.

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"Come back down to earth," she whispered into his ear.

Sedovic said he was three months behind on alimony.

I'm not playing with you.

If only she had known I was in Tokyo, she would have come to visit me.

She goes to the supermarket every three days.

The water turned into ice.

Guess what? I've been accepted to university!

Annard is fast asleep in bed.

Please notify me by e-mail about any bugs found or missing functions that you want to be included in future versions of the BMI calculator.


We won't let them escape.


That child was left in the sun too long.

He was proud of his daughter.

No expense was spared.


I told her I didn't want to go.

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One thing I've always wanted to do is go camping with my family.

She's older than Darren.

We plan to go as far as we can.

Ask me anything you want.

He sends us flowers.

Saiid took a breath and then started swimming underwater.

I need a book to read.


Beverly will come soon.

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We can't do this again.

I think you should sit down.

The bullet cut through an artery.


We might never see you again.

She has a good command of English though she was brought up in Japan.

Could you hang up the laundry?


He invested 500,000 yen in stocks.

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Please give me back my money.

I asked her for her address.

Can people change?

He won't be able to come anymore due to his obligations.

You can't park here.